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Secret Of Mana A RPG Gamers Gem


Released August 6, 1993
Platform SNES
Publisher Square
Producer Hiromichi Tanaka
Director Koichi Ishii
Composer Hiroki Kikuta




Secret of Mana , Seiken Densetsu 2 

Disobeying their Elder’s instructions, three boys from the small Potos village trespass into a local waterfall where a treasure is said to be kept. One of the boys, the game’s protagonist (named Randi in the original Japanese version), stumbles and falls into the lake, where he finds a rusty sword embedded in a stone. Guided by a disembodied voice, he pulls the sword free, inadvertently unleashing monsters in the surrounding countryside of the village. The villagers interpret the sword’s removal as a bad omen and banish the boy from Potos forever. An elderly knight named Jema recognizes the blade as the legendary Mana Sword, and encourages the hero to re-energize it by visiting the eight Mana Temples.


Rightsprite Review 

The setting takes many themes from its Game Boy predecessor, though certain elements have different names which can be quite confusing and hard to indulge.m The European gamers actually may find that they’ve already played the original first release without knowing they were playing the first installment of the Secret of Mana series  (Seiken Densetsu  in Japan), or that the game had some connection to the makers of  the Final Fantasy series . The European release was titled “Mystic Quest” and to add to the confusion the game is not at all connected to the 1993 USA spin-off Final Fantasy game, Final Fantasy Mystic Quest which was released as  Mystic Quest Legend in Europe.

Secrect of Mana 1 / Seiken Densetsu ( Japanese Title )

Secret of Mana includes some of the best game design and features that I’ve ever seen and it’s the first rpg to feature simultaneous three player enjoyable action . The combat system was innovative for the time, combining  elements from final fantasy and the Zelda series, and the game further went on to influence the Legendary Japanese RPG, Chrono Trigger. The interface design was brilliant considering the small amount of screen ratio and the amount of players on the screen and this was coupled with often engrossing and rewarding game play.


When you first experience playing a role playing  game with the opportunity to play with your friends it opens up an  another level of game play with the experiences of working together. One of the most enjoyable aspects of the game was the weapon level up system . Each time the weapon proceeded a level the design would change and further abilities were awarded. This would in turn allow you further access to unexplored areas of the game .

This game is in a league of  it’s own and I think that it never really got the reception it deserved over here in Europe.

For me this game was the first to be dependent on the map that came along with the box . If you managed to purchase the game with the map intact you are at a great advantage considering how heavily you depend on it! Today Secret of Mana is considered very collectible  and hard to find.  As a result this game carries a fairly high price that will only rise as time goes by. 

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Wallpaer 1392 × 1976

Secret of mana wallpaper

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