Ghost Busters Special Edition


  • – High quality cartridge case.
  • – High quality cartridge board.
  • – High quality case.
  • – High quality print.
  • – Cartridge is universal.
  • – Only used once to test it working.
  • – Compatible on all region consoles
  • – Pal 50hz NTSC U, NTSC J 60HZ
  • – Hack released 2023
  • – BillyTime! Games
  • – Master LinkueiDanilo Dias


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Features & Compatibility

Ghostbusters – Special Edition is a complete overhaul of the 1990 Ghostbusters for Sega Genesis by Compile. This patch contains several new features, upgrades and other neat surprises for all players!


  • New Playable Character:
  • Winston Zeddemore (To select, press Right on Egon.)

Stamina: Normal
Speed: Normal
Unique Attribute: Increased Jump Height
Uniform Color Select
Press A,B or C for new costumes.

  • Five brand new color choices for a total of six!
  • New Cheat codes and Unlockables (Ectoplasm Patch Only)
  • Nightmare Mode Difficulty

Hold B upon booting up the game to receive the challenge and how to enter.

NOTE: Pure patch lacks any cheat codes outside of Nightmare Mode and is meant for Speedrunners.

Lives are reduced to one. *Extra lives can be earned in this mode*
Reduced health cap
No Continues
No Cheats allowed
Saves are disabled
Soft Reset function
Press A+B+C+Start will return you to the Sega logo at anytime.
Coffee mugs take less damage to destroy. (Ectoplasm Patch Only – v1.2)
SRAM Save Function
How It Works:
Loading: Select Load Game at the main menu, then select your character. after the initial cutscene all weapons, upgrades, Items and level progress will be retained.

Note – Final Stage:
Reloading the game upon completing the Castle stage will send you back to the Castle stage with any extra money or upgrades earned after completing the stage. Both Castle and Deep Hole stage must be completed in one sitting. Due to limitations, the game cannot directly load into the final stage at the start of the Game.

Saving: Game saves upon returning to HQ at any point. Via cutscene or by exiting the current stage.

May.1st 2023
BillyTime! Games
Master Linkuei
Danilo Dias

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