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6 Reasons to soft mod your Wii

What will you benefit from with a Softmodded WII?

  • You can play all Wii games across the Regions (Pal UK , Ntsc , USA and Jap NtscJ)
  • Play Game Cube Imported titles across all regoins
  • Obiusly you need the model that has game cube support
  • Utilise one of the USB ports for a USB Hard drive to Import home-brew Software , Run and store your games from the USB hard drive ,
  • Transfer data From CD R or DVD R , also files can be transferred over to USB adapter or SD Card 
  •  The use of playing Mp4 , AVi , Jpg ,Png  Media files and more
  • Play your DVD’s ( All Regions)
  • The Orginal Game Cube does support Componate 480p output but the cable is quite prices also Pal Titles are locked to 480i
  • By having theregion unlocked you will find that US Game Cube games enable a 480p  video out put and even 720p on selected games. Which does not feature on the UK Pal units Component ,VGA cable or HDMI adapter needed
  • All together this will provided an greater gaming experience for you

Last Notes

With having your console soft modded compared to usual proceeder of a hardware mod . The unit will be untouched and no physical enhancements will be applied , providing a lower risk of damaging your unit  also being more cost effective for you. Lastly by doing this Mod to your unit will affect any warranty you have on your unit from where you originally purchased.

3 thoughts on “6 Reasons to soft mod your Wii

  1. iddyplob says:

    Hello! Am I able to get my Wii soft modded with yourself? I’d be very interested in getting it done.

    1. Jason Morgan says:

      yeah thats no problem thanks for getting in touch . I can get it done for you. The only thing that i cant do is actually add games to the system for obvious legal reason.

  2. Jason Morgan says:

    The charges will be for postage return and the labour , altogether £15 ,

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