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6 Reasons to Soft mod your original Xbox

This Xbox being the biggest and most powerful console in the 6th gen console back in the early 2000’s . Can Benefits greatly by giving it a softer touch . Here are 6 reasons why you should go ahead with it.

What will you benefit from with a Softmodded Xbox?


  • You can play all games across the Regions (Pal UK , Ntsc , USA and Jap NtscJ)
  • Utilise the Hard drive to Import home-brew Software , Run and store your games from the hard drive ,
  • Transfer data From CD R or DVD R , also files can be transferred over a USB adapter 
  • Upgrade the Hard Drive  up to 500gb , The use of playing Mp4 , AVi , Jpg ,Png  Media files and more
  • The Bois will be switched to the American version  enabling a video out up from 480p, 720p and even up 1080i on selected games. Which does not feature on the UK Pal units Component or VGA cable needed 
  • All together this will provided an greater gaming experience for you

Last Notes 

With having your  console  soft modded  console compared to usual proceeder of a hardware mod . The unit  will be untouched and no physical enhancements will be applied , providing a lower risk of damaging your unit also being more cost effective for you..


MX Raider shown at 1080i

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