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Get yourself 8 Freeware Dreamcast Games by Retro Guru

Welcome to Retroguru current compilation of freeware games for the Sega Dreamcast 9/21.

As I recently created a video on the indie physical re release of Hermes ( Link to video ) This has inspired me to go further in the rabbit hole to find out what else retro guru has brought to Sega ‘s Dreamcast.

Retroguru as stated on their Home page that they are an international team of creative minds, programmers, musicians and graphic artists with a passion for retrogames. With each title compatible with more the 10 systems each, the Dreamcast being one of them. Being inspired by computer games made in the late 80ies and early 90ies undoubtedly do have their very own charm. 8 titles are currently up grabs.

Retroguru will not charge you for digital games! If you still have the urge to give them something, please consider a donation to fund the next project. find more info here https://www.retroguru.com/

You can burn the CDI image to disc which will work on all region consoles . Some titles have a iso version to work on the SD adaptor or Simple transfer the CDI file on on to a GDEMU. ( Purchase one here )


Release Date: 2009


  • 7 Worlds, with each 8 Levels – followed by a big boss
  • Power Ups and extras
  • Oldschool style pixeled sprites and tiles
  • Wonderful hand drawn backgrounds
  • Illustrated hand drawn storyline
  • Over 18 tracks of chipmusic!
  • Multi-language: German, English, French, Spanish
  • Password and / or savegame (depending on release platform)
  • Hidden warp zones and bonus caves
  • Hidden trainer
  • Top 10 highscore

Link to Download – https://www.gianas-return.de/?page_id=453


Release Date: 2010

SPQRZ Features

  • Hardly any game will annoy you more! Frustration deluxe ahead!
  • Amiga’ish feeling!
  • 16 Levels including a “beginners” level
  • 18 Chiptunes
  • Classic AND new graphic mode
  • Top 10 highscore
  • Endless continue mode
  • Hidden easter egg

Link to download – https://www.sqrxz.de/sqrxz/


Release Date: 2010

SQRZ 2 Features

  • Tough challenging gameplay — Extremely difficult; not for weaklings!
  • Retro graphics!
  • Hidden passages to discover!
  • 10 tricky n’ hard levels!
  • 11 marvellous chiptunes!
  • Top 10 highscore!
  • Infinite continue mode, which you will need badly in order to practise! 🙂)

Link to download – https://www.sqrxz.de/sqrxz-2/


Release Date: 2011

SPQRZ 3 features

  • Retrolook! Play like anno 1990!
  • Demanding and almost impossible Jump’n’Run annoyance!
  • 10 knotty levels!
  • 11 wonderful chiptunes!
  • Top 10 highscore!
  • Infinite continue mode!
  • Secrets to discover!

Link to down download – https://www.sqrxz.de/sqrxz-3/


Release Date: 2014

SPQRZ 4 Features

  • Authentic Retro graphics – Pixels forever!
  • 10 die hard levels!
  • 11 great tunes!
  • Top 10 highscore!
  • Unlimited continues!
  • Hidden passages!
  • Cheat codes! (if you can find them)

Link to Download – https://www.sqrxz.de/sqrxz-4/


Released: 23-10-2015

Fruity’s Features

  • CHand set pixels!
  • Amiga chiptunes!
  • Score tracking!
  • 120 levels!

Link to download page –https://www.retroguru.com/fruity/


Release Date : September 2019


  • Code: Gisberto Rondinella (nop90)
  • Producer, Levels, Beta-Test: Shahzad Sahaib (Kojote)
  • Levels, Beta-Test: Denny Müller (Mulle)
  • Additional Graphics: Krzysztof Matys (Koyot1222)
  • Music: Roland Voss (Triace)
  • Music: Johan Letfors (Vedder)

link to download – https://www.retroguru.com/super-nutmeg/


Release Date: 2014

Xump core Features

  • Joystick, Joypad and Mouse Controls (all system depending)
  • 9 chippy tracks for your audio pleasure
  • 48 Levels
  • Highscore-List
  • Retro styled password system
  • Hidden easter egg – find two more themes (not for Atari Lynx!)
  • Hidden easter egg – find 32 classic levels
  • Dreamcast, Mac OS X x86: Porter Xavier Vallejo (Indiket)

Link to Download – https://www.retroguru.com/xump2/

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