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Atari VCS New Home Console Update

Atari avs

After being teased a fair few months back. Atari have now unveiled the features and specification of there up and console The Atari VCS. Here is some key information of the new console by Atari. Games The Console will be bundled with more than 100 all-time classics in their original arcade and/or 2600. Here is a short ad of the Atari Vualt. The only ” New game ” that will … Read More →

Atari teasing gamers with a new home console

Atari avs

20 years on and Atari the makers of one of the first home consoles to hit the selfs ,will be back in the video game market .The console titled Ataribox has only been teased at E3 and the company is being quite vague at moment. The information i have gathered so far is that its clearly inspired by the classic wood effect found on the Atari 2600, which features ribbed … Read More →

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