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Mega Drive and Optimus Station



No Flipping way! Retro Gaming and Transformers together makes my inner child just explode . A Japanese Company called Takara Tomy are behind all this greatness. Only two have been revealed So far are  . The guy chilling on the left side is just only Optimus Prime as Sony’s original PlayStation . Which  you may not realise it the PlayStation was released back in 1994.


With 2014 being the 30thanniversary of Transformers, and the 20th anniversary of PlayStation,It seems  to combine the two is  a good a reason as any to us. After getting over that they making out SEGA as the bad guys.( Sega Fan Boy over Here ) I just got thinking of all the possibilities of all the other consoles out there , for exsample a Neo Geo Pocket as one of the Minicons would be bad A**. Well no pre order yet but i will be totaly on it when it pop’s up there is no other exception.

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Updates on Mega Drive Megatron  & PlayStation Prime

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