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Pier Solar HD

Here is Watermelon’s Shinny looking Pier Solar HD . You might recognise the game from the  original version for the Sega mega drive all packed on a wopping 64 meg cartridge .Now the team behind this game have released a  HD Edition that features exclusive new content and additional features to the original . 

The release of the game will be on almost most every available system including : PS4 , Ps3 ,Xbox one ,XBOX360, PC, Mac, Linux , Andriod , Sega’s Dreamcast and  the WII U.This trailer shows off some of the major upgrades made to the  original SEGA Mega Drive released back in late 2010 . As you will notice , brand animated cut scenes  complete with a Disney style prologue have been added.

The game is currently sold out at the moment but further stock will be available 16/11/2015 according to watermelon . One of the best features I find of this game is its brilliant packing designs of the physical releases.


pior solar dreamcast edition

pior Solar

Recently DC fans have been giving the news about what to aspect for the the Sega Dreamcast version of the game. News was forwarded  by Tulio that the game will graphically be on par with the PS3 and PS4 versions of the game and that the team are working on VGA functionality as well. From what was shown on the video the game was running on stock NTSC hardware through a CRT television, this gives the Dreamcast version a distinct edge over the other formats. The Dreamcast was initially designed for CRT sets and as a result, Pier Solar being a hand-drawn retro inspired game would certainly look slicker on a set that sorts out the proper scan lines.

At the end of the video, viewers were shown a tiny glimpse at what Watermelon have in store for the Visual Memory Unit, and although it was initially confusing what was going on, I’m sure the mini-game planned will be as awesome as the finished product.
Original Soure (https://dreamcasttoday.wordpress.com/tag/kickstarter/)
For further info of the Pior Solar please head over to the dedicated site.

http://www.piersolar.com/water melon

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