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Nintendo’s NES NEW Music Cartridge’s

For the first time in over two decades after the release of the beloved NES . The console will now get a new software cartridge yes that’s right Nes fan boys and girls . But before you go ahead and get your wallets out and start throwing it at  your PC .The product will only be compatible with the Japanese NES console , or a universal cartridge adaptor , if you happen to have one handy . both 8bit Music power and KIRAKIRA STAR NIGHT DX are now available at play asia with 8 bit music player final being available March 2017.

Who are the guys behind this I hear you say .Columbus Circle, a Japan-based maker of video game accessories. they announced that they will sell the 8 Bit Music Power, a collection of old-fashioned chiptunes packaged in an original Famicon cartridge in 2014 . The Product is not an official Nintendo-licensed title, but Columbus Circle said it is the first commercial cartridge for the console in a whooping 21 years.

The cartridge format is different from our European and US Famicon as the Japnese Famicon utilises a different smaller size cartridge slot  but this can easily be resolved from an in expensive multi region adapter that will work on all systems . But that still depends on the demand as the company may decide to make an NES-format version.


The title will come with 12 original tunes composed by videogame sound creators. Columbus Circle plans to release it in Japan on Jan. 31 at a bargin price of ¥3,800, just under £20 . Their stocking up around a  thousand copies,

The software might be offered outside Japan it just all depends on the demand , if it appears to be strong, its all good they it said.Others wise we’ll be paying out the behind of a copy on ebay or shipping from play asia .


Columbus Circle has stated that they plan to make more Famicon cartridges, probably music albums with new tunes but it hopes to make real new video games for Famicon, the spokesman said.

Some game play snaps

Audio CD version

As of November 2016 the same team released an audio CD version of their first released title ,8 bit music .

2. PICO MY HEART(国本剛章)
3. CIRCUS GAME(佐野広明)
4. MASS PURPLE(ヨナオケイシ)
5. NARU YONI NARU(サカモト教授)
6. PHASE OUT(VER0.8)(Saitone)
9. TIP-TRACK 303(Tappy)
10. KIRAKIRA BUSHI(Omodaka, Tappy )
12. FUWAx2 MOKOx2(Tappy)
13. KIRAKIRA BUSHI GB(Omodaka, Tappy )
14. PHASE OUT(VER1.2)(Saitone)


Live music Events.
Their also  holding live music events feature tracks from there game / music CD head to for further info .


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