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A Sonic Game You have never Seen

Sega Sonic a title shamefully  never brought to the home console .This has been floating about on the internet for while but I thought I would share the news with you . This is one game that a lot of people have heard about but not very many have played. It’s an arcade game developed by Sonic Team and released in 1993, though it was planned for an American release, it sadly never left Japan

Hands-On-SegaSonic-The-Hedgehog-8-300x210This release would have have introduced us to Ray The Squirrel, and Mighty The Armadillo.I manage to test out this game  using a Mame emulator but using a a joystick instead of a trackball that is implemented on the arcade unit,meaning i couldn’t get the full experience which this game was designed for. Many of the reviews that you may have  see online  cant really give a valid response since the game because of this reason .

Short Introduction to the story

Robotnik captures Sonic The Hedgehog,  and locks them up in his island fortress .Like some creepy wired animal fetish type of person he is . The three now have to break out of prison and escape.
Basically the game uses a trackball and one button to jump,meaning the controls are very simple. my experience  as this game is ridiculously fast, so a pre wrist warm up  is worth the investment. The game stages are isometric, and you simply to run through them. . This game would have also introduced the first three player sonic game and having three players on the screen would just be chaos but in a very fun competitive way as shown on the video . But for me i only mange to try it out with just one player and testing out all three characters.

Video by arronmunroe

One of its main features that i liked is its  nice visuals .Each of the characters is full of animation and details that only an arcade title could pull off at the time. The seven stages are all full of detail and are varied in style, too.

The music in the game is also done really well but that doesn’t come to no surprise and you can really recognise it as a sonic game straight away as it uses  the Genesis’ YM2612 sound chip.One down fall f this game is the game play length , only being a total around 25 minutes long .

Sega never brought this to home consoles as the graphical power wasn’t there in 1993 to run this game but a Saturn port would’ve have worked really well .

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