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Ghosts Goblins gets a sequel on the Dreamcast

Good news for fans of the Gouls and Ghost games  ,  In celebration of the 30th anniversary of the release of Ghosts Goblins a fan made project is in the works for a sequel for the Sega Dreamcast titlied Ghost’ N Demons. This news was originally sourced by  a Retrotaku.

Short Story introduction

Once again play as Sir Arthur, a knight on a quest against evil forces. You must rescue Princess Prin Prin’s who has been kidnapped and fight way through dozens of enemies such as Demons, Ghosts and Zombies!

Unfortunately this project is still under way so we’ll have to wait that extra bit longer for a Dreamcast release . But no despair  the full  game is available for PC users .

Heres a direct link to their website

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