Battle Mania 2


  • – Transparent Sky Blue shell.
  • – High quality cartridge board.
  • – High quality print.
  • – Cartridge is universal.
  • – Only used once to test it working.
  • – Compatible on all region consoles
  • – PAL, NTSC U, NTSC J  50HZ – 60HZ
  • – Full Translation released 2008.
  • – By Jon Najar

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Features & Compatibility

Battle Mania Daiginjō (バトルマニア 大吟醸) was also released for the Mega Drive in Japan and Korea only.

This is a horizontal side-scrolling shoot’em-up originally released by Vic Tokai for the Mega Drive in 1993. It serves as a sequel to the original Battle Mania, which was released in North America under the title Trouble Shooter.

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