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Snake is Returning to Smart Phones

I remember back in 1997 Taneli Armanto put Snake on the well loved Nokia phones . It was such a craze with people always asking and battling each other who has the higher score off on and off the school ground .At the time it was   the only decent game on the old school black and white phones. Now this classic is  being released on Snake Rewind for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

snake rewind

With games as such as Candy Crush Saga, Clash of Clans and Angry Birds, I doubt very much that this game will have the same impact as it did back then .But as you see the design of the game has kept its simple and addictiveness to  get any portable gamer on bored as well as its new features including the ability – purists, look away now – to “rewind the Snake to continue the game even after crashing” as well as new power-ups and levels..It is still created and develop by the same guys  Taneli Armanto and  Rumilus Design .Check out the video below

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