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Dash through the New Sonic Team Racing on the Mega Drive

Sega Mega Drive  finally gets an answer to Mario Kart .Back in the 90’s Sega’s main Competitor Nintendo , Released an all time classic game titled Mario kart which im sure a lot of us remember .

Sega never actually hit them back with there own version until the home brew mater minds  of GASEGA68K – the same developer that ported Wolfenstein 3D to the Mega Drive, along with a technical demo of StarFox and F-Zero on Sega’s platform. Dont get to carried away this is a very early work in progress which only features  the blue hedgehog him self racing round a single track set in Green Hill Zone.

Sonic Team Racing (Mega Drive Homebrew) Demo

A playable version of this technical demo has been released online for all to play, either via emulation or on the original hardware through a flash cartridge. It seems to be unclear if the developer will be working on Sonic Team Racing further.
acording to gasega68k  “Many graphics were taken from Sonic 1 as the backgrounds and some sprites. The graphics of the track, are based a bit on Super Mario Kart (the graphics of the tiles for the mode 7), but are brand new

The music is from Sonic 3D Blast, Green Grove Zone Act1, using the driver XGM by Stef ”
Here a link to the forum 

Click to download the beta logo-download

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