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New Neo Geo Game Coming This Winter “Kraut Buster”


NG Dev Team are at it again ! With a new release of KRAUT BUSTER

This appears to a a comical action Run’n’Gun shooting game and it is looking like a pretty good one in fact . This is Currently being made for the 24 bit system NEO·GEO

Game Mission details

Europe, Krautland 1936

You are part of the glorious albeit infamous Kraut Buster corps.
Your goal is to defeat the evil dictator Dolph Edelwolf and rescue all chicks!

Play as either the Lead Characters John “Küken” Mallone or Jack “Handsome” Rowdy.

Coming Winter 2015 for NEO·GEO MVS & AES

You got to love the support this console has with a great line up of games after the discontinue from the officially company .As you can tell it resembles one of there best selling tiles for the system Metal slug Hopefully like many of there tiles brought to MVS Arcade unit there may just be a Dreamcast port.

Check out some game play

For further info head over to the dedicated websites and creators at
Official game page:


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