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Nintendo 3DS XL Nes Edition


Nintendo are doing it again but this time its 3DSXL style .The company has unveiled an NES Edition that resembles the classic NES gamepad that was relesed back in 1985 . Helping gamers go back in time and get all nostalgic. Personal I’m more for the similarly-themed Game Boy Advance SP that was released early 00’s , but let’s not joke about this is still going to  highlight some fond memories of playing the classic like Mario 3 , Metriod and turtles back in the family crib.

If this is giving you that  warm and fuzzy felling  just by looking at the photo, it is available October 10th for $200 US dollars , Importing may cost you that bit extra to get here in the EU. But hopefully we may not have to depend on that and a EU release may be announced shortly

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