Retro games at the right price

Spiritual Sequel to Streets of rage for the Nintendo switch

the take over banner

The TakeOver is at heart and old school beat ’em up inspired by games like Final Fight and Streets of Rage. Although the game play is based on these classic games. The game offers an extended combo system, fast game play and modern visuals. Using a combination of full 3D backgrounds and high definition pre rendered sprites . The game is designed with Full HD in mind.(taken from Steam store) … Read More →

Nintendo Official NEW Micro Nes Console

Mini nes

Well here is some  big news that just hit us retro gamers. After mutli rip off emulation  consoles . Nintendo have finally answered the call to many fans and out there who want to relive the experience once again and they call it the Nes Classic Edition. This Mirco system comes with a Hdimi cable a AC adaptor and one Nes controller . Unlike the original console it does lack … Read More →

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